Medication Therapy Management


We are, “Specialty pharmacies dedicated to your optimal health.”

Medication Therapy Management, otherwise known as MTM, is a term used for a program where our expert clinical pharmacists & pharmacy staff ensure you are getting the most benefit from your medications. Each month, they’ll ask you a series of easy questions to help determine this. In doing so, they can help you better manage your meds, supplies and health conditions.

MTM also includes enhancing your Medication Adherence. An estimated 50 percent or more of patients don’t take their medications as prescribed for chronic conditions such as high cholesterol and diabetes. Taking all your meds and taking them on time - can be challenging. Whatever the reason is for not taking them as prescribed, we have a solution for you!

Call one of team members today and ask about our Custom Medication Dispensing to help you take your medications as directed. We can offer you an easier and safer way.

Another component of MTM includes Medication Synchronization (Med Sync). Do you find it difficult to keep up with your medication refills and picking up your meds? If so, you may benefit from Med Sync.

It’s a program we offer at the pharmacy to help synchronize your medication refills. If you sign up, we can ship ALL of your medications together. Give us a call at 800-741-4427 to discuss options based on your specific prescriptions. Overall, Medication Therapy Management can assist in your journey to better health!