Telehealth Consults & Text Messaging


Consult about medications & get tips to improve your wellness.

It’s easy for patients to connect with our expert clinical pharmacists from anywhere via their mobile device, laptop or computer! Just call & ask to schedule this one-on-one, free, visual consult. It’s so simple, you’ll want to use it again & again!

As a second resource, we also encourage our patients to utilize our HIPPA-compliant text-messaging service* for all their questions to our staff & clinicians. When you don’t have time to call or have a Telehealth Consult, just send us a text!

*To sign up for our HIPPA-compliant, secure text-messaging service, please call us at 1-800-741-4427.

Or, you can send an email to with “Sign me up for Secure Text Messaging” in the subject line.

Also, please provide your name, date of birth & cell phone number. Rates may apply depending on your individual phone carrier.


Meet face-to-face online with one of our clinical pharmacists.

Call 800-741-4427 today to schedule your free Telehealth Consult.